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Search Engines (De-Listing)

A search engine delisting service aims to remove specific content or URLs from search engine results. This involves the removal of web pages, articles, or other online content from the indexes of major search engines.

Google Transparency Report shows our success rates in protecting our client’s content.

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Tubes & UGC Web Enforcement

A real-time monitoring and detection of illegally distributed content on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

Additionally, on user-generated content (UGC) and aggregator domains by takedown the video source (Cyberlockers) hosted on these aggregator domains.

App Stores Protections

The service is monitoring and removing illicit applications from authorised stores such as Google Play, Apple, and Huawei.

Furthermore, it extends its capabilities to takedown these applications from third-party APK stores accessible on the internet.

Live Streaming Disruption

A 24/7, real-time monitoring, detection, disrupt & takedown of illegally live streaming distribution.

The service has the capability to capture streams and share them with clients for watermarking detection.

Illegal Ads Takedown

An automated brand protection tool designed to identify and takedown Intellectual Property (IP) infringements across e-commerce and social media platforms.

Illegal IPTV Devices and Apps Disruption

An IPTV testing lab, outfitted with both technological expertise and capabilities, is dedicated to monitoring over 20 Set-Top Boxes (STBs) and 50 IPTV applications.

Its purpose is to disrupt and take down both live streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) content.

Pirated Content Monitoring & Analytics

A comprehensive solution & dashboard designed to track and monitor pirated video content distributed over social media and on any platform over the internet.

This service is crucial for content providers, broadcasters, and streaming platforms to gain valuable insights about the consumer of pirated copies

P2P Content Monitoring & Analytics

A monitoring system software that scans each torrent consumer node to collect information on who watches, downloads, or uploads content for a selected campaign (title).

The result provides us with a heat map to show where the most consumption for this title per country, also the software collects consumers IP addresses.

Cyber Security Services & Auditing

Cybersecurity auditing help broadcasting media companies involve the systematic examination of an organization’s network systems.

This examination aims to pinpoint vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential points of compromise, specifically focusing on the risk of video leaks or hacks.

Forensic & Technical Investigation

Our investigations and enforcement is dedicated to identifying, preventing, and safeguarding your service or product from cybercrime.

We offer support in initiating the necessary legal actions against cyber criminals to ensure the protection and integrity of your business.

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